2015 05 01 forth 700x458


On Friday 1st of May 2015 Chromatin3D kick - off meeting took place at

FORTH premises in Crete with the presence of EU-Project Officer, 

Graţiela Dobîrtă.

It was a full day meeting which started with the introduction of all

partners of this network and continued with a number of presentations

and discussions concerning the project objectives,tasks, obligations,

deliverables,activities of this network.

The participants of this 1st Kick-off meeting were:

  • Graţiela Dobîrtă ( EU-Project Officer )
  • Babis Spilianakis
  • Effie Paggiou
  • Peter Becker
  • George Garinis
  • John Strouboulis
  • Bruno Amati 
  • Iain Williamson ( Wendy Bickmore's Lab) 
  • Maria Berdasco ( Manel Esteller Badosa's Lab)
  • Helena Diaz Lopez ( Manel Esteller Badosa's Lab)
  • Rolf Ohlsson
  • Eran Segal
  • Renaud Schoemans 
  • Gabor Zahuczky 
  • Thomas Koeck
  • Colin Wilde 
  • Martijn J. Mone ( Representative of SB Science Management &LifeGlimmer GmbH )