On the 3rd of February 2016 our 1st Annual Meeting took place at IIT premises in Milan.

The day started with the introduction of all 15 ESR’s , Management issues, future Workshops and training courses were the next topics.

Presentations of all ESR’s on their individual projects followed during the day.



On the 5th of February all ESR’s participated on the course for ”Project Management” .

Agenda (docx)


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On Friday 1st of May 2015 Chromatin3D kick - off meeting took place at

FORTH premises in Crete with the presence of EU-Project Officer, 

Graţiela Dobîrtă.

It was a full day meeting which started with the introduction of all

partners of this network and continued with a number of presentations

and discussions concerning the project objectives,tasks, obligations,

deliverables,activities of this network.

The participants of this 1st Kick-off meeting were:

  • Graţiela Dobîrtă ( EU-Project Officer )
  • Babis Spilianakis
  • Effie Paggiou
  • Peter Becker
  • George Garinis
  • John Strouboulis
  • Bruno Amati 
  • Iain Williamson ( Wendy Bickmore's Lab) 
  • Maria Berdasco ( Manel Esteller Badosa's Lab)
  • Helena Diaz Lopez ( Manel Esteller Badosa's Lab)
  • Rolf Ohlsson
  • Eran Segal
  • Renaud Schoemans 
  • Gabor Zahuczky 
  • Thomas Koeck
  • Colin Wilde 
  • Martijn J. Mone ( Representative of SB Science Management &LifeGlimmer GmbH )