The overall objectives of Chromatin3D are:

·  To establish a European research platform of excellence in the field of chromatin dynamics and its impact on development and disease by integrating research from basic mechanisms to translational research applications.

·  To create a Network dedicated to the training of young researchers promoting their independent careers, their own scientific goals and future employment prospects.

·  To build durable links between the participating academic and non-academic organisations that will last beyond the duration of Chromatin3D. 

The Chromatin3D ETN focuses on a series of relatively short-term objectives that are achievable within the time course of the Network project. These objectives are centred to fifteen early stage researchers (ESRs) and are grouped into three broad thematic areas:

I.     The epigenetic regulation of developmental processes in the context of chromatin.

II.    The deregulated chromatin dynamics and the cause of disease.

III.   The development of novel approaches for the study of chromatin dynamics.

 In addressing these aims, we have put forward a multidisciplinary approach to study these thematic areas at the molecular, cellular and systems level by assembling a group of scientists from academic and non-academic partners with cross-disciplinary expertise and capabilities. This network combines top-level, state-of-the-art interdisciplinary research skills ranging from basic molecular mechanisms and ‘omics’ level understanding to translational research and clinical applications. The overall plans for the specific research directions, the participants that will contribute to each direction and the methodological approaches that will be employed are described below: